What is the WES Evaluation?

Is you are want to know about what is the WES evaluation. Read the full post and don’t miss any word if you went to get much information about it. So let’s we are start it now.

I hope you are know that the Wes is only one or you can say one of the world bigger evaluation service which is helps to educational employers in the US/ United Streets or Canada for understand the applicants  academic ability. The help of this evaluation you are can looking up a job or you are can pursue more education in this countries. This service is the oldest service of the among all evaluation services. A very good thing is this service is the founding member of {NACES}. I hope you all know the full from of this letters. Which people are don’t know the full form it so for themes’ the full from or NACES is National Association of Credential Services. 

Now I think of my guideline or information I hope that you are knew something about what is the WES evaluation. So let’s knew more about it, if you are want to read or want to do a job United Streets of America or Canada or theses countries so then this is very important for you have to provide your GPA score according to the American standards. I say it is the main place where your score or GPA has to be covered. 

WES Evaluation

How to start the WES evaluation process?

If you are want to start the WES evaluation process. Then you have to flow the steps:

1.       At first you have to apply WES in the website and then must be you have to get the reference number or cod.

2.       When you are got the number then you fix up all the necessary files and get them to the delivered to WES by your college with full payment at a sealed envelope. Oh I forget there a very good thing if you are want to exists your file by electronically transfer then you are have a option but the bed thing is this option is cheap only few elect countries.

3.       A very important thing you have to know that WES never granted those file which are send by the students, agents or any other people. They only accept the college’s files. You have to make ensure that your institute is only one who is sending your document.  Is your file’s are received by the WES then your evaluation will begin.

I think you know much thing about what is the WES evaluation? and how to start the WES evaluation process.

The WES has takes seven days after receiving your files for a accepting report for you.

How much the WES evaluation cost.

I hope you are known batter to me that how much the WES evaluation cost is. Which people are do not know about this for themes. Is you are have to do a WES course –by-course then you have to pay $160 when you are do it document-by-document evaluation you have to pay $100. Is you are want to do the express service or rush delivery then your evaluation cost will be must be grow up.    


What is Wes evaluation process?

Are you gone to start the WES evaluation process? Or want to know that what is the WES evaluation? Then you have to flow the flowing steps. If you are flow those steps I am sure that you are get your WES evaluation process.

1.       At first when the evaluators are get your document they are do ensure that the WES had received the entire necessary file to certification in the country specific manner.  Then when the document came to the WES the documentation experts are check the each separate pages and they scan the pages at their powerful systems.

2.       When the scan was complete the evaluators are matching the scanning images with the main document received for sure that the document is fill up and submitted at the system of WES. In this part they are sure that the files are pure and this is issued by a fully accredited institution. After this they are decide whether to accept the document.

3.       In this step they check or analyses your file. In this step there have a team who are research with the country-earmarked knowledge handles the work. They are investigating the proving file for validity and entirety.


They are research will fix on next step and then they are update your account accordingly. Is the tem determine that all the required files are had been received at the manner of WES and that they are validity and entirety. Is they are all write then they will rank your document for evaluation issue an estimated date of completion.



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